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Steps to Follow

  • Step 1: Dry and style your hair.
  • Step 2: Spray or shake Dr. Yates Hair Replenishing Fibers generously over the thinning areas.
  • Step 3: Gently pat to allow the Fibers to be spread.
  • Step 4: You can lightly comb or restyle your hair if you desire and enjoy your fuller head of hair.


Perfecting the Process

Dr. Yates glass applicator allows the replenishing fibers to be applied to achieve the most natural looking hair. The glass applicator helps to apply the product with more precision into localized areas of thinning hair to give you the most impeccable looking hair.

Hair Colors

Dr. Yates Hair Thickener comes in 8 different shades to match whatever hair color you may have. The colors can be combined to create highlighted colors, or to create a salt and peppered look. The product is completely safe and will not stain.


  • 1. Combine more than one of Dr. Yates Hair Thickeners if your hair is highlighted, or if you have salt and pepper hair. The light color should be applied first, followed by the darker color.
  • 2. Your part can be easily hidden with the use of Dr. Yates Glass Applicator. The applicator also allows for more precision in localized areas of your thinning hair.
  • 3. Use Dr. Yates Holding Spray to increase the bond between your hair and the replenishing fibers.