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Adam – Male, 50’s

I thought my minor hair loss wasn’t very noticeable, but people did notice when I used Dr. Yates Hair Enhancer. It went on easily and blended in extremely well. I have blond hair that I wear a little long, so I was excited to see that it worked for my particular hair type and color.


William – Male, 40’s

Dr. Yates Hair Enhancer is very easy to use and dramatically improves my look. I’ve never encountered a product that produces a result similar to what these little hair fibers can do.

Vanessa – Stylist – Atlanta, Georgia

So many of my clients have been thrilled with this product! When they open their eyes and see a full head of hair without any scalp showing, they are thoroughly happy. Some of the women have stopped wearing wigs. For women who are coming out of a weave, Dr. Yates Hair Thickener covers the breakage and thinning areas as they are being treated. You can treat hair and scalp with any product and still use Dr. Yates Hair Thickener during the repair or recovery process.

I’ve found many other applications too. With a stencil, I’ve given clients natural looking eyebrows. I’ve also sprinkled a dark color onto a graying beard, immediately taking 10 years off of my male clients. Salt and pepper hair can receive the same treatment, which is easy and temporary and doesn’t contain the chemicals a dye would. I’ve even had clients use this product for stage makeup, and they have had great success.

Overall, my clients have been very impressed with Dr. Yates Hair Enhancer, and they all leave my chair much happier.

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