Premium Hair Replenishing Fibers & Holding Spray Kit – Normal to Curly Hair (Original)

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Premium Keratin Luxe Hair Replenishing Fibers
Normal to Curly Hair with Extra Sheen – Original Formula

  • Use the product after you have styled your hair with your existing styling products.
  • After sprinkling a small amount in thinning areas, gently comb or brush through hair or pat into hair depending on hair type.
  • Apply more product if necessary.
  • Simply brush any excess product off your forehead or other areas of skin.
  • Apply holding spray to set product in hair.
  • The product does not rub off, sweat off or come off in the rain but is easily removed by shampooing.
  • 1 bottle should last approximately 2 months.
  • Ingredients:

    Keratin, rayon, nylon, titanium dioxide, absorbed water may contain: FD&C yellow#5, FD&C green#3, FD&C blue #1, D&C orange #4, D&C red #22

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