Dr. Yates Hair Thickener is able to give you a thicker and fuller-looking head of hair immediately. The natural keratin filaments attach themselves to your real hair to give you a healthy and natural look. Even areas in which you have significant hair loss can be treated, since the protein fibers attach themselves even to the smallest of your hairs. The results can be seen instantly, and are restoring confidence to men and women all over the country.

Dr. Yates Premium Protein Fibers

The protein fibers in Dr. Yates Hair Thickener are natural keratin filaments that are very close to human hair and are able to blend with your hair in a very natural and unnoticeable way. We use keratin fibers that are of the highest quality to ensure optimal texture and appearance.

Dr. Yates Hair Thickener has a static charge to allow the Fibers to adhere to any type of hair. Our product will stay in place, is completely safe, and will not run if you begin to sweat. If you want thicker and fuller looking hair, look no further than Dr. Yates Hair Thickener.